B2B Debt Collection Services

Amicable B2B Debt Collections

East West Consultancy specializes in B2B debt collections, offering a comprehensive and strategic approach to recovering outstanding business receivables. With a global network and advanced technology, we streamline the debt recovery process, providing transparent communication and timely resolutions. At East West Consultancy, we are a trusted partner for businesses seeking a reliable and results-driven approach to B2B debt collections.

What you gain from our services

Effective Communication

Our efforts are carried out in your name and in the native languages of your customers.

Customized Processes

We tailor emails, letters, phone calls, and more to your needs and requirements.

Innovative Technology

​​We manage all your AR based on your customers’ previous payment behaviour.

Customised reports and dashboard

You can monitor our activities and export extensive data anytime, including DSO and ageing analyses.

Legal Collections

Our Legal Collections team focuses on supporting you in overcoming the challenges of taking legal steps against your debtors. This is often the best route forward once East-West Debt Collection attempts have been exhausted, but it poses unique difficulties. These may include language barriers and varying laws in different jurisdictions or implementing appropriate legal debt collection activities, such as the work of bailiffs.

Accounts Receivable Solutions

East West Consultancy offers comprehensive Accounts Receivable Solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries. Leveraging our extensive cross-cultural expertise and cutting-edge technology, we streamline the accounts receivable process, from invoicing to collections.With East-West Consultancy, you can trust that your accounts receivable will be managed with professionalism and expertise, allowing you to focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Invoice Checking

Invoice Checking is a simple and cost-effective way for a factoring company to investigate the business transactions and invoices presented by clients or prospective clients.The circumstances in which, as a factor, you may wish to verify invoices include:
1. Examination of invoice integrity before offering credit to a supplier
2. An ongoing invoice audit program to check invoices raised by clients
3. A review of the receivables portfolio to assess a client’s credit management process

Standby Servicing

Our Standby Service monitors your financed portfolio. It automatically activates collection activities once a trigger event occurs, providing you with our local and international collection expertise.
Prompt action when your customer signals financial problems is one of the most effective ways to minimize risk when your customer goes bankrupt.
To that end, our Standby Service is designed to monitor the status of your customers and the market and is ready for action when any triggers are set off. Our Standby Service can be applied to any stage of the entire order-to-cash cycle, from invoice to litigation.


Collect@Net is an online platform that enables you to access our debt collection expertise and monitor the progress of our collection activities.
Collect@Net works alongside our global IT infrastructure, allowing us to offer you one of the most integrated collection networks in the industry. Supported by locally-based, multilingual debt collection specialists, our on-the-ground expertise is well-placed to help you resolve disputes and achieve rapid settlement on unpaid invoices. You can access this along with East West consultancy insurance services if you’re a credit insurance policyholder.

How We Collect Outstanding Debts

At East West Consultancy, our approach to debt collection is a harmonious blend of expertise, ethics, and efficiency. We begin by thoroughly analyzing the outstanding debts and understanding each case’s unique circumstances. Leveraging our extensive cross-cultural experience, we employ tactful communication strategies that respect the debtor and the client, preserving vital business relationships. At East West Consultancy, our goal is not only to reclaim owed funds but also to safeguard and enhance the reputation of our valued clients.

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