First party debt collection

Uncomplicate Claims Management!

50% of all churn is due to failed payments and most of that is involuntary. You’re losing loyal customers who had no intention of terminating their arrangement with you, just because their payment method failed.

At East West Consultancy recovery approach blends personal interaction and digital connections to effectively maintain relationships, protect your brand, and recover more failed payments. Our first party collection services with ROIs exceeding 600%, we’ll drastically lower your churn, increase your revenue and keep your loyal customers happy.

First Party Collections

Having an effective early intervention strategy is the best way to lower your roll rate, reduce the amount of bad debt you send to collections, and improve customer loyalty. As an extension of your receivables department, East West Consultancy  can seamlessly integrate with your internal systems and engage your delinquent customer as a member of your team.

Using our east west consultancy contact platform, our friendly agents connect early and resolve quickly. They provide the same level of service you would expect from your staff and respectfully work with your customers to update information, collect payment, and log any notes all within your own system.

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